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‘Warm Floors Cold Bodies’

This new single by Leeds-based singer-songwriter, THE SOUND OF MODESTY, merges elements of alternative, metal and pop rock to form a 5 minute banger of a track.

The song begins with the chugging of a guitar which wouldn’t sound out of place on a thrash metal album, before being met with a more sombre riff and Yvonne Han’s full of emotional vocals, presenting in the first 30 seconds how great the merging of genres is in this song.

The vocals on this track directly contrast the high tempo, hard rock guitars and drums, yet the two compliment each other well, especially in the softer areas of the song, with the clean tone riffs accompanying Yvonne’s voice beautifully.

I love how this song takes you on a ride rather than staying the same throughout, one minute there’s a very poppy guitar riff and next there’s full force metal blast beats, which for me was a highlight on the track, one of the moments where you just go ‘YES!’ In your head when you hear it.

As a whole, I love this track, the merging of fast paced heavy music with emotional pop-rock makes this a winner for me and I can’t wait to hear more from this talented artist in the future - Yvonne and her band are definately ones to watch in the alt rock scene.