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Words: Reece Cornwall
The boys are back with a new pop rock banger, ‘Untouchable’. We saw the boys play this tune back in January this year and it’s finally been released alongside the announcement of the bands self titled debut EP which is released early next month.

Once again Superlove show their versatility, this time bringing the slightly more indie-pop side of their sound to the party, merging guitar music with gorgeous pop electronics to craft an incredible, silky banger.

The intro gives us those heavier guitar tones and drums we already know and love before sending us into slick verse section, with Jon doing absolute bits on the vocals over a warm, bubbly synth - a match made in heaven it seems.

The chorus brings an infectious melody in classic Superlove fashion, whilst Jacob comes through with his awesome vocals to give us one of the catchiest choruses I’ve ever heard.

Everything comes together so well in this song and feels so smooth, if the EP is anything like what we’ve already heard then we’re in for a treat.

Be sure to check out the new music video for ‘UNTOUCHABLE’ here

The bands self-titled EP is released November 13th which you can preorder here