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Words: Reece Cornwall
Superlove were the first ever band we put on the cover of Undercurrent and have definitely been not only one of the best bands we’ve worked with, but some of the nicest guys we will ever meet. I’ve been a big fan of the band since long before that when they released their debut single, ‘Big Lies Boy’ and every release since then has really impressed me, so when the band announced new music, I was instantly so excited to hear what they’ve done this time round.

‘THINK ABT U’ is the first track to be released in a new era for the boys as earlier this year they signed to Rude Records, with their debut EP being released under them later this year - massive congratulations to the band on that one!

The intro riff to this track is so dirty it’ll have you showering for days after. It’s thick, it’s sludgy and it’s exactly how I want a song to start - grabbing me by the ears and pulling me in straight away. This is instantly contrasted with the soft vocals of Jon & Jacob over what sounds like a very ‘The 1975’-inspired verse section, showcasing some gorgeous guitar tones and how versatile this band can be.

The song takes us from face melting to positive pop to an anthemic, belter of a chorus, all in the space of 1 minute and 5 seconds. Before I’d even heard the song in full I already had the chorus stuck in my head from watching the promo video on the bands instagram - that’s how good it is. From the depths of their lungs, the boys sing ‘I think about you all the time’ in unison, making for a spine tingling listening experience as the song shoots its themes of happiness, positivity and friendship through your veins. The song once again kicks you in the balls with its naughty guitar riff before throwing you back into it’s glorious indie-pop verse, making the listen even more interesting with the alternating vocal parts by Jacob & Jon - they’re like the Batman and Robin of vocals, except they’re both Batman.

When we were chatting to Jon and Alex of Superlove earlier this year they talked to us about how the band had experimented with drum & bass and the electronic side of things, which we were yet to see in the bands discography until the middle section of this song, which presents some very Enter Shikari fuelled electronics between the stinky guitar. In a lot of reviews I talk about the moment when a good song makes you think ‘YES’, and for this song it was this middle section. This song gives me everything I want (heavy riffs, big, sing along choruses, gorgeous pop rock verses, strong vocals etc.) and from there onwards the song instantly becomes my favourite new tune at the moment.

These guys have just given us an absolute masterpiece which needs to be heard by the masses - ‘THINK ABT U’ proves to us why Superlove will be a big band and it reminds us why we love them so much.

Be sure to check out the new music video for ‘THINK ABT U’ directed by Daly Visuals here.

Alongside this song, the band are releasing an exclusive t-shirt to lend support to a very important cause to them and many other artists.  All profits of the shirt will go to Music Venues Trust. You can order your shirt here.