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Words: Kieran Cook
Norwich four piece Settlem3nt’s new single ‘Champagne’ gives only a few seconds of echoed ambience before the first fuzz-entwined riff unbuckles itself into your ear canal, backed by a tribal drumming pattern that wouldn’t be amiss on a Viking warship.

This call to war is quickly backed by the first of many piercing riffs, juxtaposing the swelling bass of the fuzzy instrumentation that makes up the core of the track, entwined by the track’s vocals, which carry a twang reminiscent of the late Chris Cornell, there is a rich depth to the song which many bands operating in a similar genre lack; made all the more impressive by the fact that this release was recorded by the band independently.

Halfway through the song’s playtime, the song’s ferocity eerily dissipates into a bass-filled rhythm, plodding, thud, thud, thud, thud. A warbled guitar riff echoes across the field of static-fuzz like a siren, giving only a second’s warning before the song reaches its crescendo in a staggered breakdown. It’s this carefully orchestrated collapse where the band shows their potential. With all members of the band firing at all cylinders, there is a danger of the song sounding muddy, yet Settlem3nt come together in a way that creates a pulsing & captivating climax in it’s breakdown.

Sonically, there is a clear sense of dynamism between all four members of the group that can often be lacking in smaller bands, managing to juggle a variety of musical inspirations without coming across as self indulgent; Champagne is a dirty alt-rock banger which has me intrigued to see what comes out of the four piece next.