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‘Here Lies Kulk’

Words by Kieran Cook
Kulk’s debut LP is a 10ft wall of sound constructed out of crunchy guitar riffs, blitzing drums and demonic distortion pedals. The noise-rock duo experiment with a variety of sounds, from fuzz to psychedelic, to guitar tones that Tony Iommi would be proud of. The LP effortlessly builds a sense of dread through plodding kicks and hazy guitars, with the tension building to climaxes of Thom’s wailing lo-fi vocals. 
The first track on the LP; ‘A Happy Death’ sets the tone for the entire album. Opening with almost a minute of distortion & static, the tension is sliced by a flurry of reeling guitars and harsh vocals. Yet, as the song reaches it’s mid way point, the duo are quick to show the depth of their abilities, mixing in crisp 70s guitar tones alongside stuttering electronics.

By the time the third track of the LP; ‘A Long Time’ starts, the band truly start to show off their navigation of psychedelic tones, with hefty amounts of reverb applied to both the mix on the guitars & vocals, before the band’s trademark wall of distortion rolls in like a tidal wave. This wave rolls onwards until the penultimate track, which focuses on a much slower buildup to the final track. ‘Three Mothers’ sees the band at their most melodic, with the tones almost bordering on ethereality before breaking into the distorted fuzz that makes up most of the album.

On the final track of the LP, a 10 minute track aptly named ‘Fuzz War’, the band engage in what can only be called as a musical meltdown. The duo fuse together an amalgamation of distorted guitars with groaning vocals in order to create an intense journey that reflects on the sounds shown off on the LP as a whole. The LP ends with a mix of distorted static and an eerie guitar riff that leaves you to contemplate the typhoon of noise that just ripped past you.