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‘Three Cheers’

Words: Reece Cornwall

My love for Homeblood started last year when I was out in Guildford on my way to grab a KFC for lunch and two blokes came up to me saying they noticed my Lower Than Atlantis hoodie and thought I might like their music. Once I got my mega-box and sat down in the food court of the Friary, I put on their only track out at the time, ‘Act Natural’, and held my phone up to my ear to listen.

In a world where LTA had just broken up and I was in a state of deep grief, that song gave me everything I wanted and got me hooked instantly. From that point onwards I’ve followed the band and eventually got them in issue 2 of the zine as I really feel these guys are a big talent and deserve to make it big in the scene. For me, they’re my new Lower Than Atlantis, my fix for all things big riffs and catchy choruses with that heavy edge.  

Today, the band released a new single; a song fuelled by the recent BLM protests, and have promoted it all week by posting different ways in which you can get involved and help the cause - check out their instagram for more info on that.

This track throws you in at the deep end from the very beginning with a vicious riff and vocals that are packed full of attitude as front man, Joe, belts the lyrics of this protest banger. I love the way the song starts like that, no bullshit, no waiting through a long intro, just straight to the point, smacking you in the face from the off.

The chorus straight up reels you in with its catchy hook, emitting Don Broco vibes left right and centre, it’s addictive and has been stuck in my head all day. The heavy English tone of Joe’s voice entwined with the alt rock richness of the backing guitars and thick bassline is a match made in heaven, keeping the hairs on the back of your neck stood up from start to finish.

The bridge softens the atmosphere with a beautiful guitar tone laced in reverb (I think, I don’t know too much about guitar effects to be honest, it just sounds cool in the review doesn’t it) before throwing us into a section which could’ve been done by You Me At Six, its clean yet powerful.

This song is a banger through and through, I’ll be listening to this for many weeks to come and I cant wait for these boys to release some more music and to hopefully get out and see them at a show when all this covid stuff is done.

You can read all about the guys in a pretty sweet interview they did for us in issue 2 of the zine, you can buy one on the store section of this site - also be sure to check out the guys on instagram/facebook (link below) and maybe use some of that payday money to cop their new merch.

Photo: @nhmj_photo