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‘A Celebration Of Endings’

Words: Reece Cornwall
This is Biffy's 9th studio album (including the soundtrack they released last year), and the guys have stepped up their game once more with an album that sees the band still trying out new things whilst keeping that rich and heavy Biffy sound that we all know and love. Throughout the album there are elements that wouldn't sound out of place on their first four albums (the glory days), including the intro to 'Worst Type of Best Possible' which is so stinky it makes me feel uncomfortable.

Although there are moments on the record where I can't help but feel Simon Neil could've done more with a couple of tracks, I feel this is probably their best release since Opposites. Songs like 'End Of' and 'Weird Leisure' remind us why we love Biffy so much, they're the 'Wolves Of Winter' of this record, bringing big spikey riffs and heavy choruses - it's what we want from these guys (unlike Re-arrange on Ellipsis...)

This brings me to 'Instant History', the first single from the album and the clear marmite song, some hate it, some love it. When I first heard it I was liking what I was hearing until the big electronic-fuelled chorus hit and left me thinking 'wtf?!'. However, listening to it as part of this full body of work, it fits in perfectly and has actually led to me growing to like it, I can honestly say it's not a bad song and Biffy have made it work!

The last song, 'Cop Syrup' is the real surprise. Just after giving us the acoustic, Machines-esque 'Opaque', this album grabs you by the scruff of the neck and throws you into the deep end for the finale of this record which is a confusing battle between an angry, screaming Simon Neil and an orchestra of strings. It's bloody brilliant! After hearing songs like 'Space' and 'Instant History', hearing Simon lose it and scream 'F*** Everybody!' repeatedly is one of those moments on a record where you punch the air.

I went into this album with low expectations and have since been taken by surprise by a statement of a record that tells us loud and proud that Biffy Clyro are no where near done. There are some solid bangers on this record, and yeah there are some parts which need improving or could be left out, but Biffy aren't going to be making songs like 'There's No Such Thing As A Jaggy Snake' anymore and that's something we all have to accept. However, if Biffy can keep pushing out great albums like this then I'll be more than happy!